Saturday, July 11, 2015

Praising the Lord!

We are praising the Lord! This week, several of the students at the Hmong Foundation listened as Somboon shared the wonderful Gospel News with them. Several of the non-Christian students asked about salvation. Somboon wanted to make sure they understood clearly about the decision they were about to make. Eight of them said “Yes, we want to accept Jesus Christ as our Savior!”

Please pray for them. Here are their names and the first seven of their pictures are below. 
1.Mechai Laowiliyakul
2.Tawaan Sealo
3.Shayut Seama
4.PhimPha Seaya
5.Weesuda Seaher
6.On Seaher
7.Doaw Seasong

We are doing well. Kathy’s follow-up colonoscopy went well. They did find two small benign tumors, which were removed. Camden, our grandson, is with us for two months. Thank you for your faithful prayers and support.

His servants and yours,
Duane & Kathy