Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Update

I praise God for the part that all of you have had in the work of God here. We are teaching the students here, both boys and girls, about evangelizing and sharing their faith. Every Saturday evening, we teach the students to play various musical instruments and we have worship practice. One of the students here leads worship on Sunday mornings. We are seeing the students grow spiritually a lot more than in the past. Every Sunday afternoon, Susan takes the students to a Hmong village to do a children's club in the village and share about Jesus with the children. The students here play games with the children, sing songs, teach new songs, and share from the Word with the children in the village. We are seeing that the students here have more of a heart to serve God than they did before. We are seeing many changes in the students here, including not being so selfish and they also have more of a heart to share Christ with the children and with their friends at school. There are many students who really want to know Jesus. It's really exciting to see the lives of the students change for the good.

There are some students who have shared with the staff that after they finish high school, they want to study Bible so they can serve God. Two boys will graduate high school this year and they want to go on to college, Wee and Tong. Wee has decided to study Bible for sure. Tong is still in the process of deciding what he's going to do, but he says he wants to study Bible also. Please pray for both of them. Both of their fathers are witch doctors, and it won't be easy for either of them. I believe that God has a plan for both of them. Please pray for their tuition for Bible College as well.

God bless you.