Saturday, January 5, 2013

Praise the Lord - Two Salvations!

We are praising the Lord because there were two young boys living at the Hmong Hostel who accepted Jesus Christ as the Lord. Their names are Xai and Chai. Somboon chooses the boys carefully. Every year, there are hundreds of Hmong children who would like to come live and study at the Hmong Hostel. Because we have limited funds and facilities, we have to limit the number to about 25. As a result, Somboon must be very selective in choosing the students. One of the criteria is their openness to the Gospel. He will select a certain number of Hmong non-Christians. These two boys were a part of that selection. It has been exciting to see the Holy Spirit work in their hearts over the past year. I have attached a picture of Xai and Chai. Please pray for their spiritual growth in this New Year!

His servants and yours,
Duane & Kathy