Friday, May 25, 2012

Please pray!

Hello every one. I ask you help me to pray for this young girl. If God speak to your heart you can help her as you can.
God bless you,
My name is Seang La Seachang.  I was born in a Christian family.  I am the 3rd child in my family.  I have 4 brothers and sisters.  My family serves God in the church in our village church. 
I accepted Christ at a Christian youth camp.  Before that I didn’t know God.  Before that, I went to school at a Buddhist school and they taught Buddhism.  Every day I had to wai the Buddha statue.  I didn’t understand why we had to wai (placing both hands together) in the Buddha statue.  All of my friends would wai the Buddha statue.  It was just me who didn’t.  The teacher yelled at me.  I started to feel scared about these things.  I had many questions in my heart.  I didn’t want to go to the temple.  I had bad feelings about going in and I had no peace.  One day, I had major issues with my friends.  I was very sad.  I didn’t know what to do.  At night, I would go outside and find a quiet place to pray.  I didn’t know if God was really there or not, even though I was born in a Christian family.  But I felt an inner peace every time I would pray.  When I prayed, I had peace.  I would hear God’s voice speaking to me.  At that time, when I was very troubled, God told me to read the Bible and to go study Bible.  I didn’t know where that voice came from.  I tried to look for the voice, but I couldn’t find it.  At that time, my friends told me that I was crazy for Jesus, and I didn’t like it because it made me feel like I was crazy.  After these things, I went home.  I was preparing to continue studying.  But I had no peace at all.  I prayed about what I should do.  God told me for the 2nd time, to serve God. It was a still small voice that had a lot of power in it.  I cried and I didn’t know what to do.  I talked to my father about it.  My father told me to pray again, so I prayed again.  I told God that if He really was calling me and wanted to use me, to speak to me again for the third time.  And God did just that.  I prayed and devoted myself to study Bible.  At that second, I believed God with all of my heart.  I really felt God’s love.  When I surrendered to Jesus, my life totally changed.  I had a goal in my life.  I had peace in my heart with God every day.  God changed this girl from someone who didn’t know her own worth to someone who knows that she has value in Christ.  After that, many good things came into my life.  I still had problems, though.  But one thing that I have never forgotten is that God is always with me in the middle of these problems.  I praise God that He has called me and He uses me in order to release Hmong people from the power of Satan and to help Hmong children to walk in the way of God through the power of God.  My life has meaning because I have met the Lord of my life.  The amazing thing is that my younger brother committed his life to the Lord and wants to serve God also.  God is using my family for His work.  In the future, I want to be a servant of God.  I want to be a missionary in Laos.  I want to help Hmong women who don’t know God.  I want to share the gospel with them. 
Right now I am currently studying Bible at Bangkok Institute of Christian Theology.  I will be starting my second year in June.  Tuition for one year is 36,000 baht.  This includes room and board, but not personal spending money. 
God bless you.
Sengla Seachang