Friday, October 25, 2019

Carmody Update

Greetings from northern Thailand! We have been involved with Somboon and the students. We will continue until around November 18. Then we will head back to Udonthani to pack for the United States. We will be heading back on December 3. Our goal will be to raise funds and find someone (or couple) to help with the Hmong Foundation. Somboon is planning to join us in February. We will be contacting you to set up a meeting while he is there.

We are praising the Lord as we have seen God use three of our former La*-Hmong students to start a Bible Training Center in their country. One center is in the south, one central and the other in the north. We have attached a few photos of the training in the north. We are not showing their faces for their safety. We ask that you do not share these photos for their safety as well. The vision has been from the beginning to see a church planting in reverse. They originated from China.

His servants and yours,
Duane & Kathy


Saturday, August 10, 2019

Learning to read and write Hmong

Even though the Hmong Foundation students know how to speak the Hmong language, they do not know how to read and write it. They are taught Thai language in the Thai school system. Our Hmong director is teaching them how to read and write their "mother" tongue (language).

Planting Coca Plants

The Students planted coca plants on the foundation's land.

The students will go to school each week day. After school, they will have devotional and worship times during the week. On Saturdays, they will have tasks such as this to do. We have been blessed with some good Hmong kids for this school year!

Monday, April 29, 2019

Preparing the Pond for Fish

The pond on the land we purchased several years ago has been drained and dug out deeper (see video above). The desire is that we would be able to raise bigger fish, both to eat and to sell. It has always been our desire to see the land produce so we can be self-sufficient. Please pray that we will not have people come and steal the fish which has been a big problem in the past.